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Are you in need to take passport photographs for a new or for renewing a passport? Are they charging too much for passport photographs? Then the Id Photo USA App is just the thing you will need. This app is for iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch (three G), iPod touch (Four G) and iPad, and runs on iOS five point zero or later.

When you will load the Id Photo USA iPhone App, there will be three main menu choices. Make a new passport photo, print saved passport photo, and send stored passport photos. They could as well adjust settings which include preferred measuring unit, border availability, print orientations, print corrections factors, and attachment file formats. They could as well get at additional info which includes passport photograph requirements, passport photograph templates, and steps on using this application.

When making a new passport photograph, the user could either load an existing image from their phone or could take a new photograph. Then can print the ready photograph by accessing the saved image from their phone camera roll feature. They could as well send the stored passport photographs by recovering the saved image from their phone camera roll feature also.

The appearance of this app is simple and user friendly. The functions of app are self explanatory, and would the additional help of provision of useful info and tips on app features, and passport requirements, the user must have no problem figuring what to do and where to go.

Not everyone requires new or renewed passport photos that often, so this application might not be geared to the average user, but it is useful for those of you who travel a lot.

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